“I Don’t Care If I Lose The Election” – Governor El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has same he doesn’t care if he loses the forthcoming position election see you later the exercise is conducted during a clear manner. El-Rufai same this yesterday whereas speaking at an occasion union by the State Peace Commission, National Peace Commission and also the UN. The governor same the foremost vital job for his administration is to manipulate and guarantee a peaceful election within the state. “Let ME say this on my behalf and on behalf of the Kaduna government of nowadays, our most significant job now’s to manipulate the state. What will governing the state mean? Governing state suggests that making certain peaceful beingness through to the elections and when. we tend to took Associate in Nursing oath of workplace to manipulate the state on fairness and on justice and that we are visiting do this,  like I same , until twenty nine might, 2019, whether or not we tend to are re-elected or not, it doesn’t matter, if we tend to are re-elected , we are going to  do our greatest. It additionally doesn’t matter if we tend to aren’t re-elected. we are going to pass on with our lives, politics isn’t our permanent profession. this is often a part of the explanations why we tend to are able to sign the peace accord. This election isn’t a do or die affair, we tend to aren’t desperate. we tend to are effort on our records, we tend to don’t care if we tend to lose the election see you later it’s not taken against the need of the electorate” he same.