Buhari gets kudos, knocks for comments at Imo presidential rally

Chiefains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and United Nations agency folks yesterday reacted otherwise to President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments at the party’s presidential rally in Owerri. The President had, in his address, asked APC members to stay centered in spite of the leadership crisis within the party and asked United Nations agency folks to vote across party lines within the general elections. however reacting to the President’s comments, Charles Onyeagbako, Onumoha Harold Wilson, et al. defendant Buhari of operating against party by his statement, stressing that there was no justification for creating such comments at the rally. “I am not a member of APC, however forward i’m a member of the party, I wouldn’t have supported Buhari. Truly, I‘m unsurprised. In fact, I expected him to mention worse things as a result of he has been goofing right along. So, I didn’t expect something totally different at the rally,” Onyeagbako aforesaid. On his half, Onumoha, said: The statement could be a egocentric approach to politics and governance as a result of most office candidates within the state are trying to find social assistance to modify them win the election.” Responding, factional chairmen of the party, Marcellinus Nlemigbo, Kingsley Ononuju, in addition as Ichie Best Mbanaso and alternative APC members, however, explicit that folks misunderstood Buhari. They argued that the President, being a real democrat, was solely development for a clear election within the state that will respect the overall desires of the folks. Nlemigbo aforesaid Buhari couldn’t have asked United Nations agency folks to not vote for the APC, stressing that folks United Nations agency thought otherwise either misunderstood him or were mere political jobbers. “Buhari’s comment has no negative implications for APC’s possibilities of winning the election, particularly the office position, adding that Hope Uzodinma remains the party’s candidate within the state. “For me, there’s nothing wrong in his statement. you recognize Buhari could be a democrat. So, for him to raise folks to vote candidates of their alternative no matter faith or party affiliation, shows that he believes in clear polls,” Mbanaso side. Speaking, Ononuju noted that he (Buhari) meant was vote in line with party lines “and meaning choice for your party. You know, he’s not a prof in English. He didn’t return here to force anybody to vote for APC however he is aware of that his party is APC.”