How threats of violence challenge promise of free, fair polls

Vandalised campaign vehicle of APC whereas political gladiators have interaction in accusations and counter-accusations of plans to rig the forthcoming election, tell tale signs of violence seem to boost apprehension that the election, if it eventually holds, may well be surfeit of likelihood occurrences. though the amendment of guards within the Nigeria force with the retirement of former officer, Abubakar Kpotun Idris, and his succession by Muhammad Abubakar Adamu, has injected a live of public relief, the destruction of campaign materials by rival political parties remains a supply of worry to the voters. Unless Nigerians receive concrete assurances, violence would be the process feature of the election, aboard elector apathy and intimidation by the voters. except cases of destruction of campaign billboards and vehicles, the foremost outrageous instance of violent buildup is that the cases of importation of arms for the election. Amassing arms Nigerians were shocked once Cross stream State Governor, legislator mountain Ayade