“Buhari Is Sick In The Spirit, Body And Soul” – Obasanjo Slams Buhari Again

Olusegun Obasanjo World Health Organization reacted to a press release concerning him being ‘sick’ by Buhari, slammed the Nigerian President once more World Health Organization in keeping with him is sick within the spirit, body and soul. Obasanjo World Health Organization declared that Buhari must rest and permit associate degreeother person to require charge of the country in an interview with BBC Yoruba, said; “Buhari is sick within the spirit, body and soul. Let’s beg him to travel and rest. He has tried his best. Let provide probability to a different person. “When folks inquire from me that what if the following person isn’t appropriate, I tell them that’s the wonder of democracy.” This came once he suspect President Buhari of taking the country back to the Sani Abacha era, and plotting to rig the 2019 Presidential election. within the letter titled “Point for Concern and Action”, former President Olusegun Obasanjo claimed that what’s happening in African nation below man Buhari are often likened to what Nigerians witnessed below a late military dictator, Sani Abacha. “Buhari has succeeded in deceiving US the primary time and that we are fools to permit ourselves to be deceived the second time,” man Obasanjo wrote. “Buba Galadima, World Health Organization is aware of Buhari okay as a intimate and National Secretary of Congress for Progressive modification,CPC, the Buhari’s party before it joined in forming All Progressives Congress, APC has warned US this point around that regardless of what he guarantees, he cannot modification his character and perspective.”