PDP holds fence-mending rally in Owerri

Deputy Senate President full general Ekweremadu • As Ekweremadu Denies Rift The Deputy Senate President, full general Ekweremadu has denied speculations that there’s crisis within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) within the zone. Ekweremadu was reacting to rumour that he had unrelated himself from electioneering for Atiku on the bottom that it’d be gratuitous dissipating energy on a project that he wasn’t thought of for any major role. it absolutely was speculated that Ekweremadu was aggrieved for being sidelined, once Atiku appointed his campaigner from the zone, particularly once his efforts to unify the party throughout the crisis that all over at the Supreme Court. He was aforementioned to possess been pissed off by the actual fact that he had really worked closely with Abubakar to collect the support he got from members at the Port Harcourt convention, which the whole party structure within the zone failed to sit to debate the matter before a choice was reached. As such, Ekweremadu had become passionless regarding the presidential campaigns. At a point, it absolutely was rumoured that he was discussing with the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the chance of connection the party as the way of repaying PDP for the neglect. Howev