“I Was Told To Raise Alarm EFCC Invaded Onnoghen’s House” – Odumakin

Yinka Odumakin, The National packaging of Afenifere, these days Jan sixteen gave reasons why he alerted Nigerians on the alleged invasion of the magistrate of Nigeria (CJN) director Onnoghen’s house, by officers of the Economic and money Crimes Commission (EFCC). during a statement titled ‘On the safety Cordon Around CJN House:EFCC Denial and pretend Allegations’, Odumakin World Health Organization same he has ne’er unfold falsity to the general public same the Southern associate degreed Middle Belt Leaders forum once it’s meeting in Abuja on Tues was told by an informant that EFCC officers had invaded the residence of the CJN. He same he was mandated by the leadership of the forum to alert President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians on the alleged invasion. The statement reads: a gathering of the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders control in Abuja on Tues that player leaders from the four zones that created up the cluster. because the meeting came to a detailed, associate degree informant came in to alert US that there was a security cordon round the CJN,Mr director Onoghen’s residence that he claimed were EFCC men. The leaders reviewed the {knowledge|the data} against the gestapo-like invasion of the National Assembly months back by DSS operatives while not the knowledge of the then Acting President that no one was known as to question on the far side easing out the the weight unit DSS. it had been within the same pattern that the residences of the Senate President and his Deputy were illicitly sealed by the police typically agone even as the police simply all over a six-day blockade on the residence of legislator Dino Melaye. Share The Leaders then resolved I ought to alert the general public on the alarm that came to US upon that I recalled the media crew that simply took our despatch to unharness to them the knowledge at our disposal that there was a cordon round the CJN residence that our supply same were EFCC men which the President ought to raise them to go into reverse so as to not overheat the polity since the matter was already in court. it had been late last night after I came back to urban center that I saw the EFCC statement by one Tony Oriilade laced with several faux allegations : one That I same they raided the house of the CJN.I challenge the EFCC to bring out wherever I same such . two That I same they in remission the CJN.I equally wish them to substantiate that idle claim three That I circulated a “non-existent “(synctactic illiteracy ) that went infectious agent.I want them to supply the “non-existent” video.Even the video of my address was denote on-line by another party . I but note the denial by the EFCC that they weren’t the safety agency our supply indicated threw the cordon .Only that’s regretted if our supply had a mistaken identity of the individuals he saw. If the denial is true,it raises a lot of worry concerning the indiscriminate manner security agencies are deployed during a democratic setting .The country has to apprehend the agency that threw the cordon that crystal rectifier to the panic that came to US yesterday before we tend to get to the purpose that criminals and bandits would begin to invade people’s homes movement to be security agencies . Not essentially for the jejune ,puerile and and denigrating tenses of Orilade except for the overall public I say:I have interfaced with the general public within the media within the last thirty three years and {have ne’er|haven’t|have not} pushed falsity to the general public once and can never do.