“Stop Hate Campaign Against President Buhari” – FG Warns Gov. Ortom

The Presidency has known as on Governor prophet Ortom of Benue State to refrain from basing his campaign for re-election on falsehoods regarding President Buhari and instead target the dire problems try the State. a press release signed by Garba Shehu says, ‘Governor Ortom’s campaign is clearly one designed to stir division and hate, and to divert the people’s attention from his inability to pay workers salaries and pensions for many months’. it’s been noted that the governor has been visiting churches within the state wherever he incorrectly tells congregations regarding President Buhari’s questionable plans to Islamise Benue State. This nonsense has shaped the idea of his campaign, as a result of he has nothing to supply Benue folks. The allegations returning from Ortom were notably unfair, once one considers what quantity support the governor received from the central, that supported his grazing laws as a way to finish the farmer-herder crises that have troubled the state. If not for President Buhari’s insistence that the governor tend an opportunity to impact the law, he would have featured resistance from completely different sources and located it troublesome to implement. whereas advising Ortom to right away stop his dubious attacks on President Buhari, the central calls on the folks of Benue State to not fall for Ortom’s deception and permit themselves to be hoodwinked by such a negative campaign. they ought to instead, raise him why he has refused to pay workers salaries and pensions for months, and what he did with the funding from the surplus crude account that ought to ideally have gone towards addressing such payments.