“Military’s Biggest Opposition Not Boko Haram” – Federal Government

Lai Mohammed, Minister of data and Culture, has claimed that the most important downside the military has is maybe the social media and not Boko Haram. Segun Adeyemi, media aide to the minister, quoted Mohammed as voice communication this at a news conference in Abuja on weekday. The minister aforesaid the federal was attending to launch a national campaign to rally support for the military. Nigerians, he said, no matter political affiliation, ought to take part supporting the war against the uprising. “I suppose the most important opposition most likely nowadays that the military has is maybe not Boko Haram, it’s most likely the thuscial media as a result of it’s so uncontrolled,” the minister aforesaid. “Today, video clips are doctored and clips of happenings in alternative lands are currently rumored and sent out as if they’re happening in African country. sadly, there’s nobody to carry accountable. this is often terribly discouraging and it demoralises the military. “That brings ME to the larger issue of overall support for our military. Recent developments are worrying. The activities of a bit of the media and a few opposition political parties are discouraging the military and strengthening the insurgents. “Without seeking or awaiting official clarification, outrageous casualty figures are conspicuously rumored. inconsiderately for national security, military plans are recklessly discovered. “We are attending to launch a national campaign to rally support for the military. we tend to believe the lads and girls United Nations agency are risking all to stay US safe be the support and prayers of all Nigerians, not vilification, insults and alternative acts that are capable of moistening their morale.” The minister aforesaid the govt. wouldn’t censor the media however urged journalists to “strike a balance between the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom to receive and impart info and national security.”